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What is One Day M&A?

What is ‘One Day M&A’?

‘One Day M&A’ is a one-day seminar on M&A, arranged for the participants to enhance a basic knowledge on finance. It is also considered as an introducing section to our one-month M&A course. 

With Morgan Stanley as our sponsor and the following contents of our program, participants will be able to further their understanding of finance.

  • Lecture and corporation introduction given by employees
  • Team working and presentations accomplished by participants
  • Feedbacks on the presentations by professionals
  • Communicating sessions with the employees With Morgan Stanley as a sponsor, through the experience written below, you will be able to have a deeper knowledge on finance

The task we select for team-work is similar to the one given by internships of investment banking division. If you are considering of applying to the internships, our program can be very helpful during your preparing process.

We are looking for people who

  • want to take a position in finance industry as their future career
  • want to communicate with employees of Morgan Stanley
  • are interested in finance industry, and are preparing for the application process of summer internships



  • Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley


Introduction of our student-association “Share-Project”

  • Lecture from Morgan Stanley
  • Team work                                    
  • Feedbacks from bankers from Morgan Stanley
  • Communicating session with bankers from Morgan Stanley



April 22rd 2017
           12:30 Reception
           13:00 Start
           17:30 End


Rental Meeting Room, Toranomon


Participation Fee


About Application

OneDay M&A is now open for Entry

Please fill out the application form.

Participants’ Comments from last year

  • I was able to understand the operating method of M&A (Junior, majoring in humanities)
  • I was able to gain a futhered knowledge on foreign investment banking divisions (Junior, majoring in humanities)
  • It was very easy to understand for people who are new to finance (Master, majoring in science)
  • I became interested in foreign financial institutions from the lectures given by real bankers (Junior, majoring in humanities)
  • Teamworks and feedbacks from professionals were very satisfying experience for me (Junior, majoring in humanities)
  • It was great that we were able to know more about real works in IBD (Junior, majoring in humanities)