We are very proud to announce the commencement of the 17th year of Share-Project since its founding in the year 2000. Today, with the support of over 3000 alumni, as well as our sponsoring companies, Share-Project still adheres to our initial philosophy, “Open Academy”.

     “Open Academy” consists of two elements; “Open” and “Academy”, each meaning opportunities for “interaction” and “intellect” respectively. Aiming to provide these simultaneously, Share-Project has, from the beginning, been dedicated to forming a wide and stable network throughout the field of finance. To be more precise, throughout the year we organize study programs of different themes, collaborating with first-tier financial institutions. Besides the lecture, which is the focal point of each program, we include interaction sessions in all of the programs as we also highly prioritize networking. For the future of Share-Project 2016, we have set three clear goals.

    1. Quality
    2. Diversity
    3. Connection

First of all, this year we aim to further develop the brand of Share-Project. Every year we receive support from many top tier firms in the finance industry. However, we will continue to be aggressive in our future endeavors, and keep striving to provide opportunities to create a “Quality” network.

Secondly, it is a recent trend that many of our participating students are studying a major in the area of humanities. This year, we aim to create a platform for a diverse network of individuals with different skillsets. We plan to organize a study program on the theme of FinTech, in order to achieve such “Diversity”.

Thirdly, we will strengthen and reform our connections with all entities related to Share-Project, including sponsoring companies, alumni, participants, and staffs. Regarding the Global Finance Course, we plan to organize it in a camp-style, where we gather participants not only from Tokyo but also around the world, and spend 5 days in Tokyo filled with learning and networking. Through this and other such programs, we will strive to achieve the realization of high quality “Connection”.

We are certain that by achieving those three, Share-Project will be able to take a great step, and that 2016 will be a significant year for the future of Share-Project. Please stay with us, for our new generation.


Share-Project 2017 President

Masakazu Omura